Roadmap & marketing



2021 Q3 - August to September

  • $OCTAGON token presale.
  • Security audit before the launch : Building a safe farming place for the POLYDeFI community is our highest priority.
  • Continues tasks : Marketing.
  • POLYDeFi APP launch.
  • Farming launch : Farming launch with $OCTAGON on Polygon (Matic) chain with all the best security and farming requirements.
    DEX listing.
  • First community contests and giveaways.
  • First partnerships.
  • Building on our launchpad.
  • 2021 Q4 - October to December

  • New partnerships.
  • Release our casino feature.
  • Introducing the different programs IFO projects can follow.
  • Launching our launchpad.
  • Launching our very first IFOs.
  • Integrate within a new chain

  • 2022 Q1 - January to March 2022

  • Launch more IFO projects.
  • Launch of our first NFT collection.
  • Integrate within a new chain

2022 and further

  • Keep developing: Upgrading our products with new more exciting features.



YouTube marketing

We will contact DeFi YouTubers to speak about our updates and perform quality reviews on our platform. This will help us grow our community and find potential flaws in our system.
Ads on Telegram
We’ve noticed that Telegram is the place to be for crypto enthousiasts. It basically works via the word of mouth concept. It works fantastically even with small communities. So we will invest time and money into Telegram ad campaigns, making sure that we’re being posted on some of the biggest cryptocurrency and DeFi groups on Telegram.
AMAs on Telegram
AMAs are a great way to raise project awareness and to grow the Telegram community. In crypto a project is only as good as its community. Community is key and this is what we will be focussing on.
Contest/games on Telegram
A good way to grow the community is by offering “free tokens” for being in our community. We will host multiple contest/games per week. We will have YouTube and/or Twitter influencers mention this and we will see a spike in members.
Online website marketing:
Ads on charting websites
It came to our attention that everytime a project advertised banners on a site like poocoin the price spiked, the community grew and with that also project awareness grew.
DeFI ecosystem:
There are lots of other platforms that we respect in the DeFi field, many of which we’ve used and watched grow. Therefore we would love to form healthy partnerships with other Yield Farms and DeFi projects that are trustworthy and striving to improve. Merging communities would be a beneficial factor for each of the projects. Together we are strong!
Twitter influencers
We will contact crypto influencers for shilling our project, shill updates and shill other things we need them for. This will also help us grow our community and raise project awareness.
We will host 1 giveaway per month, which will give us more Twitter exposure and raise project awareness.

These are just a few of our marketing moves.